The editing window is where the license makes clear on which conditions the text will be published onto the internet.
It says GNU FDL 1.2, but the copyright page indeed mentions the fact that newer texts are released under CC BY-SA 3.0.

I would say: everyone who contributed to LXDE Wiki please put your name here:

Just for clarity, please add your name too, Julius22.

I changed the license text to CC BY-SA 3.0 after April 17, 2010:

Kind regards,
Geoffrey De Belie / Smile4ever

---- Aan Mon, 24 Dec 2012 19:06:29 +0100 Julius22<julius22@laposte.net> schreef ----


I noticed a problem with the licenses on the wiki. It is indeed
indicated (on each page even with a logo) that its license is the GNU
FDL one. See http://wiki.lxde.org/fr/Accueil for instance (same thing
on wikis in French in English, and I suppose for other languages). And,
when you edit a page, a message indicates that lxde.org wiki
contributions are published under the GNU FDL 1.2 license.

But the http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXDE.org:Copyrights page indicates that
pages created after April 17, 2010 are fully under CC BY-SA 3.0.

So, what is right? And what about the content created since April
17, 2010? Is it under GNU FDL 1.2 as it is indicated one the page when
you edit it or under CC BY-SA license as indicated on
the http://wiki.lxde.org/en/LXDE.org:Copyrights page?


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