Glad to see you made a new version. Please try to integrate it into the main GPicView source code.
Any plans to mark this as a new release (with number) in the near future?

Kind regards,
Geoffrey De Belie (Smile4ever)

---- Aan Fri, 03 Aug 2012 19:57:08 +0200 Vadim Ushakov <igeekless@gmail.com> schreef ----


I made some improvements for gpicview: https://github.com/geekless/gpicview

* Builds successfully with Gtk3. It seems to run almost fine. The only
problem I noticed is hang up in fullscreen mode. I failed to locate
that bug, unfortunately.
* Fixed a scrolling problem when scale is 100%
* Fixed a bug with "Fit Image" button state.

New features:
* Keep zoom mode and/or scale when switching between images.
* Show/hide toolbar on T key press.
* When run as "gpicview path/to/some/directory", do not display error
message, but open images from the directory.
* When run without arguments, open images from current directory.

Vadim Ushakov

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