On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 12:39 AM, Martin Bagge / brother <brother@bsnet.se> wrote:
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On 2013-11-21 08:36, Maciej Płaza wrote:
> I have some ideas but I don't want to develop any "new cool stuff"
> without look at LXDE-Qt as whole project. I don't like when
> somebody develop new stuff without check if it's fit to whole
> project. So, is there somebody who have control? Somebody who is
> main developer now (Alexander, Petr, Jerome, PCMan)?
I firmly believe that you and I are both fully capable in discussing
ideas and concepts. If you then can show code to support your stand
that is a very good argument.
Planning is good, but it is not worth anything if the plan is not
kept. Get stuff done and develop stuff. That is more important than
having some common ground at this point imho.
If your things get someones attention and you start to diverge from
some type of common ground I am totally sure people will ask you to
steer back.
1. propose ideas
2. discuss option
3. show code
4. patch bugs
5. release
6. goto 1
> I don't want to underestimate anybody but I believe there have to
> be one plan and somebody who will control all.
I strongly disagree.
That was not my intention to insult someone or suggest to that someone isn't good enough to discuss ideas or concepts. I hope nobody understand my emails in that way. I just felt we are still in "merge (LXDE+RazorQt) time". I thought about what you wrote and I must admit there is a lot of truth in your words. Thanks ;).
2013/11/22 PCMan <pcman.tw@gmail.com>:
Currently, the organization of the project seems to be flat and no one has more control then other members.
People show up as volunteers and do whatever they can contribute.
If others like it, then go ahead.
If other developers and users have different opinions, let's discuss about it and get some consensus.
If no one support the proposed idea, then drop it.
This is roughly how things are being done at the moment.
When proposing an idea, it's easier for others to evaluate if you have a prototype implementation.
That's why I make the new stuff. If other friends don't like them, just drop them.
Sometimes you need to really try something to know if it's practical and as good as expected.
I, however, agree that we can have a clearer roadmap.
Someone needs to help organize, rather than control, the development.
For now, I think Jerome did a good job organizing things and push things forward.
In the i18n field, Martin (brother) is always doing a good job.
Other poeple are working hardly to improve their own components.
So I don't see big problems here. Things work well now, and I believe that it will be better.
All we need is to push a new release and get some more feedbacks from the users.
Then we can know what's next.
Just my two cents.
I don't know why but I didn't receive your e-mail :/
I'll try work as you and Martin said:
- get an idea
- make PoC
- show PoC and discuss it
- keep developing or drop it
Still I'm afraid that we'll keep develop new stuff without bugfixing old components but I don't want to be tedious ;)
  On Fri, Nov 22, 2013, at 12:20 PM, christian@surlykke.dk wrote: 
We had an off-list discussion a couple of months ago about project setup. As I recall, we agreed on:
- hosting on git.lxde.org
- redmine for bug-tracking and wiki
- mailman for mailinglists
I don't know the status for redmine and mailman, but git.lxde.org is up and running, and AFAIK those who work on lxde-qt have push-access to it. I think we should move to git.lxde.org since it's there. 
br. Chr.
Best regards.
Maciej Płaza