#36 Change time in LXPanel Clock applet


You can change the time format, but not the actual time. The Digital Clock gets its time from the date command, but it would be nice to have a GUI to do this.


  • Spiral of Hope

    Spiral of Hope - 2009-04-27

    If this isn't implemented, here's a thought.

    It's already possible for you to specify an on-click function for the clock. Just use your distributions date changing application, whatever it may be. But for the commandline, it's done like so:

    # set the date: yyyymmdd
    date -s 20011221
    # set the time
    clock --set --date 06:00:00 --localtime
    # save the system time to the hardware clock
    clock --hctosys

    That could be wrapped in some zenity code to prompt for the time.

  • Anonymous - 2010-02-27

    Just a thought: linux desktop is NOT a windows desktop. Even if you r using a windows desktop with a user priveleges u just CAN'T change the system time. U can change it only if u have an administrator privileges. Since working with root priveleges is too far from the UNIX-way, this feature is... unneeded and even a single minute shouldn't be wasted to implement this functionality

  • cryos82

    cryos82 - 2013-11-16

    I think that is very important for a normal usa have a gui way to set time and date, and is really simple to make a frugal gui:

    DSTR="`zenity --entry --title="set date and time" --text="Allowed Formats:\n\nTime: hh:mm\nTime: hh:mm:ss\n\nDate: YYYY-MM-DD\n\nDate and Time: YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss"`"

    if [ ! -z "$DSTR" ]; then
    RES="`date -s "$DSTR" 2>&1`"
    zenity --text="$RES" --info
    That iis all! the parsing and error handling are completly demanded to "date -s" command...

  • Spiral of Hope

    Spiral of Hope - 2013-11-16

    cryos82, your solution did not work for me. Most notably changing the date requires superuser privileges.

    I finished a script which is tested and works.


    Currently, doing something like this destroys the normal GUI calendar popup.

    What there really needs to be is a right-click "Change date/time" option which calls a script like this.


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