#34 Disabling F10 in lxterminal


Hello :-)

First of all I would like to say that I like LXDE a lot and I would to thank all the developers for their hard work! :-)

I use terminals quite a lot and lxterminal is really great for my needs - it's really fast, has tabs and at the same time looks nice :-) Now, that you can set scrollback it's almost perfect. Almost, because there's one thing bothering me...

I like to use Midnight Commander for my file managing needs. I am used to using "F10" shortcut to exit mc but as you are probably well aware it's also lxterminal's menu shortcut :-/ I keep turning on the menu and then I have to use mouse to exit Midnigt Commander. It's quite annoying when that happens, I must admit :-|

It would be really great if the lxterminal's shortcut could be disabled in the Preferences. I've read that for the very same reason (mc's F10 shortcut), this possibility was added to gnome-terminal :-)

Best regards,


  • Alessandro Pellizzari

    I have the same problem, but browsing through the lxterminal code I found that it doesn't intercept F10. It is intercepted by Gtk+.
    I think when I have time I will look at gnome-terminal code and see what it does to ignore it.

  • Alessandro Pellizzari

    I hacked up a patch against today's svn to:
    - add a preferences entry for "F10 disabling"
    - add code to disable the F10 accelerator from gtk (code copied from gnome-terminal)
    - manage the config file accordingly

    File Added: lxterminal-disablef10.patch

  • Alessandro Pellizzari

    Sorry, I found a bug in my patch. The menu_accel setting didn't get applied on startup.
    I attach a new patch against svn 1252 that defines a new function to check prefs and en/dis-able it, that gets called on startup and on prefs update.

    File Added: lxterminal-disablef10-v2.patch

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi :-)

    I'm the Nobody/Anonymous who has asked for this feature :-)

    Thank you very much Alessandro for your work! I would like to report that your v2 patch also works with lxterminal-1.4 :-) I've modified the gentoo ebuild to use your patch and I'm running the patched version right now :-]

    LXTerminal is now 100% perfect for my needs, I really hope this gets included in future versions :-)

    Best regards and thank you again!

  • Fred Chien

    Fred Chien - 2009-04-08
    • status: open --> closed
  • Fred Chien

    Fred Chien - 2009-04-08

    Thanks for your patch, it has already been applied in SVN 1298.


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