#170 Firefox tabs-inspired task bar


Browsers have made important GUI progress in terms of usability and minimalism - I think some can be copied into dekstops.

1. Opening and closing application can intuitively take place in the same bar. The 'plus' (Firefox new tab) button can be located in the task bar and receive most of the 'Lubuntu start menu' functionality (open new programs, install and unistall etc.) A close button can be placed on the 'tab' as is done in Firefox.

2. Apps can be fixed in your taskbar or "application launch bar" in a similar way as pinning a tab in Firefox.

3. The "Lubuntu start menu button" can give access to a preferences/settings/search pane.

4. A 'reveal desktop' button should become default ('minimalising' all)

This could clear up a lot of the space taken up by each window as we no longer require a bar on top of each window for either the title and a close button. The minimalisation button could be replaced with 'clicking' on the tab an extra time.
Also I think this makes the whole process of launching/closing and installing programs.

See attached concept.

However, the maximalisation button poses some problems. Completely copying the Firefox tabs system implies that windows are always full-screen and, hence, complicates people's custom to resizing windows and seeing a desktop behind their windows. In Firefox a separate 'window' can be created by clicking on a tab and dragging it down. This is possible here as well, but how can one 'localise' this window if it disappears from the taskbar!? Alternatives:
A). A non full-screen window is no longer possible
B). A resized window remains in the taskbar, but maybe in an alternative space (say on the right of a line) in the taskbar; or a 'higher level' taskbar should appear.


  • Gulpen

    Gulpen - 2011-09-28

    Firefox tabs inspired task bar concpt

  • wombalton

    wombalton - 2011-09-28

    Intresting idea you got.
    Solution A) seems a bit silly. But how about adding the used window frame only for non maximized applications? That way you can have all your screen space for the app if you want or get ordinary windows if you want that. So pulling down a tab from the bar would just make a normal window with the titlebar out of the titlebar less maximised one. Hope you get what I try to explain...

  • Gulpen

    Gulpen - 2011-09-29

    @wombalton: if I understand your suggestion correctly, opening a resized/classic window will make it disappear from the taskbar. Hence it will be impossible to see / switch back to this resized window if I focus on/open a full-screen application.
    My suggestion with B) was to solve this problem.

  • wombalton

    wombalton - 2011-09-29

    NO! My understanding is that the all windows should be in the taskbar as it is right now. The taskbar would just be extended with the possibilities suggested above. Like in solution B, but I don't think it's necessary to move them in a different area or whatever. Just like the firefox-tabbar works just with the extra that there would also be normal windows.

  • Alister Hood

    Alister Hood - 2011-12-07

    It would also be nice to be able to drag programs in the taskbar to rearrange their order... although maybe this should be a separate ticket, as it is really independent of the other functionality you suggest.

  • Gulpen

    Gulpen - 2012-01-22

    Yes I understand what you mean. I think that would be a good solution. Is there any chance of this being implemented?
    (I dont have the skills to do so myself.., but if helpful, I could work it out in concept art.)


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