#160 switch ALT and Windows key


nowadays, all the keyboards have a "windows" (or "apple") key.

on the other side most graphics programs (gimp, inkscape, scribus, ...) and some games use alt + mouse for some features.

for this reason, there should be an easy way to switch between the alt key and the windows key as a modifier for moving and resizing windows.

if possible, the default should be to use the windows key (almost only advanced users currently use the alt key to move the windows: they will find the new key or find how to switch back; beginners won't understand why the alt key does not work as it does on other setups).

thanks for caring


  • Martin Bagge / brother

    this is all controlled in the openbox configuration file. it doesn't exactly fit the scope of LXDE because it introduces a dependency. MAYBE the feature should be added to some kind of openbox plugin thing like LXAppearance has.

    The syntax for the config file (usually in ~/.config/openbox/SESSIONNAME-rc.xml) is:
    <context name="Frame">
    <mousebind button="A-Left" action="Drag">
    <action name="Move"/>

    To use the flag key instead you change A-Left to W (I think, haven't tested really...).

  • alessandro rimoldi

    as i said, the goal is to have the alt key free for the applications.

    if you don't want (or can't) provide a way to manage that key, please switch the default in the config file (i've tried it and it works!)

    wmii -- despite being a window manager for geeks who should be able to modify a config file -- has the best solution i've seen: it asks on the first start which key you want to use.

    lxde is a very good desktop environment for workshops and i'm not the only one using it to show graphics applications to new people and i'm installing in on old machines i give away for tests...
    i will be documenting how to switch the keys by editing the config file, but for many people this is a bit too hard core.

  • Martin Bagge / brother

    • status: open --> pending

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