#159 pcmanfm: "open folders in new window option" feature request


If you have a pcmanfm window open and you open another window it gets opened as a new tab in the same window. It would be nice to have the option to open it in a new window by default instead.


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    Anonymous - 2012-12-24

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    I'd love to use new window, so I can use alt-tab to switch between them.
    And I'm using lubuntu 12.04, I hope can use Ctr-enter to open folder in new window.

  • Shay Walters

    Shay Walters - 2016-12-15

    Edit this file (as root):


    Look near the end of it for a line that says:

    Exec=pcmanfm %U

    Add the -n option to the command like this:

    Exec=pcmanfm -n %U

    Save the edited file, and thereafter, pcmanfm will always open in a new window unless you specifically tell it to open something in a new tab.

    The feature to default to opening in a tab rather than a new window would be fine if it were workspace-aware. The difficulty that arises is that you may have pcmanfm open on some other desktop and you try to open a file and nothing (apparently) happens. If you hunt around on your other desktops, you'll find it, but it should default to opening in a new window if there is no open pcmanfm on the current desktop.


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