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I recently switched from KDE4 to LXDE, and miss 1 thing in lxpanel :
Rearranging the order of taskbar entries.

If i could move entries up / down manually on the taskbar, it would be great.


Feature Requests: #243


  • Sworddragon

    Sworddragon - 2011-05-15

    I wanted to suggest this too and saw this ticket. I wouldn't limit this ordering to taskbar entries. It would be even good if tray icons can be ordered too.

  • Sérgio Cipolla

    Sérgio Cipolla - 2011-05-15

    Lone_Wolf, one can't compare KDE's panel to LXPanel as the latter is supposed to be much more lightweight (I'm not saying that it can't be done nor that it can - I'm not a programmer).
    sworddragon, you can change the tray icons order easily, just right-click one of them and choose 'application launcher properties' (or something like that - I'm not in LXDE now).

  • Sworddragon

    Sworddragon - 2011-05-15

    I'm not talking about the panels. I mean such icons like from Pidgin or XChat which are created if the application is started.

  • Lone_Wolf

    Lone_Wolf - 2011-05-16

    shamuyaka, i understand lxpanel is intended to be lightweight but it also should be flexible.

    The taskbar already has an option 'combine multiple application windows into a single button' , a setting that i disable on al, systems that use it ( windows xp, vista , 7 , kde taskbar etc ) becaus emy experience is that setting tends to make it harder to bring the app i want to the forerground fast.
    It does mean however that lxpanel taskbar has code in place that changes what is visible where on the taskbar.

    sworddragon : you mean the icons in the System Tray applet ?

  • AZ

    AZ - 2011-08-16

    Hi, I was using Gnome and switched to LXDE: it looks to me that this feature is the only noticeable one I miss
    to keep my own order of my application's window list; if some developer can keep interest on this I will be available for
    all help I can give.

  • isi.floss

    isi.floss - 2011-09-12

    I gave lxde a try but the lack of this basic feature is a no-go for me. This feature is a must-have.

  • Raimar Bühmann

    Raimar Bühmann - 2011-12-20

    For a shorthand work around until a drag and drop feature is implemented, it would be great to add items like "move left" and "move right" to the right-click context-menu for reordering the currently opened programs in the taskbar.

  • Lone_Wolf

    Lone_Wolf - 2012-02-20

    I found a fork of lxpanel called lxpanelx that has this and other improvements.

  • Raimar Bühmann

    Raimar Bühmann - 2012-02-20

    @Lone_Wolf: Yes, lxpanelX has got some more features, but how do you reorder the task entries with lxpanelX?

    I only found the further items "Roll up/down", "Un/decorate", "Run new ..." and "Copy title" in the context menu of a task entry button. Drag and Drop and Mouse-Wheel do not change the order of the task entries.

  • Lone_Wolf

    Lone_Wolf - 2012-02-24

    Right click the taskbar , go "Task Bar (window list) settings"

    on the "sorting tab", select "rearrange manually"
    Then you can change the order with your mouse

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    Anonymous - 2012-12-24

    It should can be arranged by drag and drop, I'd love to

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    Anonymous - 2012-12-31

    i agree. i would even try editing a file or rewriting an environment variable to get them in a useful order.

  • dll

    dll - 2013-01-28

    Another vote for this feature. Just like irccircle I switched from Gnome to LXDE and some times feel it would be handy to rearranje the windows list.

  • Sworddragon

    Sworddragon - 2015-02-04

    I'm now on LXPanel 0.7.2 and able to successfully reorder taskbar entries. But tray icons can't still be ordered.

  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2016-10-15
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  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2016-10-15

    Closing the request since thing is in the release for long time. Thank you.


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