#122 Problems with non-US English config


Original bug report at https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=635411

There are two problems with LXDM for people who not use the default setting/locale/keyboard setting:

- The keyboard layout selection should be applied instantly so you can already type your username and password with the choosen keyboard in LXDM.

- If autologin is enabled, the language and keyboard selection is skipped. Therefor we should add a configurable timeout for the autologin, e.g. you have 20 seconds to select session, keyboard and language.


  • martyj19

    martyj19 - 2010-09-19

    No argument with the general idea, but wouldn't it be better in the autologin case to pick up the language and keyboard from normal session startup where it would set LANG/LC_ALL and setxkbmap, rather than making the user select it every time?

  • Christoph Wickert

    Please look at the original bug report I linked. The bug was filed against the Fedora LXDE Spin. All our livemedia are English by default and people non-english speakers need to select their language and keyboard layout on the login screen. You can still have the same with an installed system, if several users share one computer but don't speak the same language.

    BTW: This is more of a feature requrest, so I'm moving it over to the correct tracker.

  • Christoph Wickert

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  • martyj19

    martyj19 - 2010-09-19

    Quite so, that's a different use case than when you want to configure autologin to an already installed system, where you can examine something in the user's profile.

    I wonder if the keyboard enumeration should be more extensive ... in the Xkb applet, we offer only what is configured in the Xorg configuration, which is easy to get with the API ... but in the live CD, for language you want the same result as "locale -a" and you probably want anything that could be the argument of setxkbmap, which would go to the on-disk catalog and I am not sure without some research how to enumerate.

  • dgod.osa

    dgod.osa - 2010-09-20

    It's a feature request, I'll do it in next version.
    0.3.1 may better.

    we should release the 0.3.0 first.

    enumerate xkb may can done by read the symbols.dir.

  • dgod.osa

    dgod.osa - 2010-09-27

    I have add the xkb and timeout autologin features in git head.

  • dgod.osa

    dgod.osa - 2010-09-27
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