#649 lxsession-logout does not work when systemd is installed

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mike marmer

lxsession-logout does not work when systemd is installed. The code does not support shutdown or reboot for systemd.

Also, the dialog box that appears on issuing the logout/shutdown request may not have all of the buttons (Shutdown, Reboot, Hibernate, Suspend, etc.) I think this dialog display is controlled by policykit settings, but it is difficult for the user to know how to change the settings if they are not correct.


  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2014-05-26
    • labels: --> lxsession
  • mike marmer

    mike marmer - 2014-06-07

    Adding init=/bin/systemd to the kernel boot line fixed the problem for me. I now have all the buttons and all of them work, including shutdown and reboot.

  • Ladislav Nesnera

    Adding init=/bin/systemd does not solve my problem. On the contrary I cant start system :(
    Missing logout dialog entries are Hibernate and Suspend in my case. When I use Suspend in xfce4-power-manager computer is suspended but wake up does not work. I can see only black screen. I believe it came with kernel 3.14.x
    If I use Logout, session seems be terminated but login dialog does not appear (empty screen)

    OS: fully updated Linux 3.14.5-200.fc20.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon Jun 2 14:26:34 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64

  • Raimar Bühmann

    Raimar Bühmann - 2014-06-10

    On my Arch Linux with kernel 3.14.6, systemd 213-6 and lxsession 1:, all buttons are available.
    Does "lxlock" or "systemctl hibernate" work?

    Last edit: Raimar Bühmann 2014-06-10
  • Ladislav Nesnera

    lxlock works well
    systemctl hibernate - turns off display, maybe HD but CPU fan is working continuously. Power button is only one way how to escape

  • Raimar Bühmann

    Raimar Bühmann - 2014-06-12

    Hibernate button in lxsession-logout menu should be active, after you configured systemd correctly, i.e. systemctl hibernate is working. For Arch Linux you can find help here https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Uswsusp#With_systemd

  • Ladislav Nesnera

    My experience is different. I have newly installed F20 on another computer. systemctl hibernate and suspend works pefrect but the correspondent entries are missing.

  • Ladislav Nesnera

    [1] dnf info lxsession
    Installed Packages
    Name : lxsession
    Arch : x86_64
    Epoch : 0
    Version :
    Release : 6.fc20
    Size : 173 k
    Repo : @System
    Summary : Lightweight X11 session manager
    URL : http://lxde.sourceforge.net/
    [2] dnf info lxsession-git
    Error: No matching Packages to list

  • Ladislav Nesnera

    At first - big thanks for perfect support.
    I can confirm - compiled latest version shows all possibilities which I can imagine in logout dialog. But I've turned lxsession back because I had to loging always several times than I succesed. Good moment for toying with LXQt and for while systemctl restart display-manager is a good escape way.

  • Raimar Bühmann

    Raimar Bühmann - 2014-06-19

    Yes, I agree with you: Password must be entered two times in xscreensaver. This bug has been fixed until the latest version, which is available here: git://git.lxde.org/git/lxde/lxsession.git

    So the steps to compile should be something like this (Arch Linux users can use AUR package lxsesson-git):

    git clone git://git.lxde.org/git/lxde/lxsession.git
    cd lxsession
    ./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --disable-buildin-clipboard --disable-buildin-polkit
    # remove lxsession with your package manager at this point
    sudo make install
    cd ..
    rm -Rf lxsession
    Last edit: Raimar Bühmann 2014-06-19
  • gilir

    gilir - 2014-09-12

    Thanks for your bug report. With the last comments, I believe it's fixed in git and in the next release ( Feel free to reopen if it's not the case.

  • gilir

    gilir - 2014-09-12
    • status: open --> closed-fixed

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