#47 Trouble startin up "startlxde" & "lxsession" in Linux Shell.


Well, since I've installed all of the packages through a Slackware (.tgz) packages needed..


and I made my own Slackpack with lxde-common- (as there was no pre-built .tgz package anyhow.)

Aye, having those both installed. And trying to start up LXDE.

Well, one has to invoke BOTH "startlxde" and "lxsession" which would only occur if I started up an X11 shell already. Through XFCE4, I opened two terminals and executed both scripts in both different windows. And LXDE sure started alright, running with XFCE4 which was quite messy.

But that is not the case. You see, once I log out of the X11 shell of XFCE4, I am back in the black Linux Shell.
Whereas if I execute "startlxde" it'll just stay there, and nothing occurs, while skipping a line, pulsing, waiting for the OTHER command (lxsession) to be executed, which there would be no way.

Since I need execute that command while "startlxde" is executed and standing by.

Sadly, I've tried typing in both commands through one execution, and it won't work. They both need to be running. but I only manage to keep one running at a time......

So I'm really not sure if this needs attention or not...but I'm certainly quite stuck..hahah


  • martyj19

    martyj19 - 2009-07-06
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  • martyj19

    martyj19 - 2009-07-06

    Refer to the last line of startlxde, which is responsible for starting lxsession. Thus, this report reflects a misunderstanding of the startup procedure. (lxsession can also be run by itself if it is not desired to use startlxde.)

  • martyj19

    martyj19 - 2009-07-06
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