#456 alt-f2 run dialog appears, but no focus (under windows)

Dan Stowell

Hi - using LXDE on Ubuntu 11.10 and liking it a lot. One problem: when I press Alt-F2 to get the "Run" dialog, it appears *underneath* my current window (when of course it should be on top / at the front). So I have to press Alt-F2 then Alt-Tab!

I understand this may be something to do with the window manager (openbox), but I have not seen this happen previously when I used non-LXDE openbox. It may be an interaction between components? Any clues on how to fix this would be gratefully received.


  • Dan Stowell

    Dan Stowell - 2012-01-03

    Manual fix found:
    I'd assume this should be the default rather than a manual tweak; please feel free to close this issue if it is now the default.

  • Martin Bagge / brother

    it is more of a distribution bug than a lxde bug. I'll close the report here as the fix is for openbox. see the links in comments.

  • Martin Bagge / brother

    retitle the ticket to make it easier to search for

  • Martin Bagge / brother

    • summary: alt-f2 box appears, but underneath present window --> alt-f2 run dialog appears, but no focus (under windows)
    • status: open --> closed-rejected

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