#362 Unrefreshed area on desktop on lxterminal start

lxterminal (67)

When I start lxterminal, I get a blank black rectangle the size of the lxterminal window in the top left of my screen. This area disappears when something is moved over it, or an event occurs, or at least the area updates disappears.

Attached is a screenshot showing the area occluding another lxterminal window.


  • inductiveload

    inductiveload - 2011-06-02

    This is a new effect since the Natty upgrade (now running lxterminal 0.1.9 on Lubuntu Natty)

  • yar

    yar - 2011-06-06

    Had the same in arch Linux, behaviour stops If you turn off compositing in xorg.conf. It looks like this may be do to a nvidia/Xorg bug https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/23381#comment78145

  • Ming-Ting Wei

    Ming-Ting Wei - 2012-07-29

    I am closing this because it seems again an NVIDIA graphic driver issue.

    Please help me to reconfirm if newer NVIDIA driver can reproduce this bug. If it does, please don't hestitate reopen this issue.

  • Ming-Ting Wei

    Ming-Ting Wei - 2012-07-29
    • status: open --> closed-wont-fix

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