#32 lxpanel don't compile both volume and volumealsa plugin


configure will detect system to decide which volume plugin will be compiled.
This is good for users to compile lxpanel for themselves,
but not so good for builders who want to provide binary package to others.
That makes builders have to build two packages for different users with different system.
I think
if make "all" plugins is default, configure should let "all" plugins to be compiled.


  • Jim Huang

    Jim Huang - 2008-06-15

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    In most case, ALSA-based (Linux 2.6 specific) plug-in and OSS-based (deprecated Linux 2.4, BSD and UNIX) one are mutual exclusive conceptually. Eventually, lxpanel should provide stable API and separate plugins from core source tree. That is, we are going to redistribute plugin implementations with new packages like lxpanel-core, lxpanel-plugin-volume-oss, lxpanel-plugin-volume-alsa, lxpanel-plugin-power, etc.

    I don't think that users can benefit from the mechanism by the means of providing a rough option passed to "all" as default. Frankly speaking, several lxpanel plug-ins still depend on Linux 2.6 during current development, and we shall not pay attention to the potential conflicts between OSS and ALSA sound system including its bridge.

  • Jim Huang

    Jim Huang - 2008-10-05

    It is the conceptual response to the current build system. We remain the approach at least in 0.3.x.

  • Jim Huang

    Jim Huang - 2008-10-05
    • status: open --> closed

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