#220 panel invisible in some multi-head configs

lxpanel (272)

With two unequal-height monitors side-by-side, there is a part of the X virtual screen which is permanently "off-screen". (e.g. in my set-up, 1440x900 and 1280x1024, the 124-pixel block below the left monitor is invisible).
With lxpanel set for "bottom" and "left" or "centre", all or part of it is in the invisible part of the screen.

In contrast, the XFCE panel understands xrandr "monitors" rather than being based on the overall X virtual screen, and places itself correctly on the bottom of the left monitor if that is its selected position. (The disadvantage of this model is that XFCE can't extend the panel across two monitors (I think) while lxpanel can, in my case, at the top, say.)


  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2014-11-15
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  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2014-11-15

    I hope this issue is completely fixed in current GIT sources of LXPanel. I would like you to test it when possible for you. Note that now you can configure as panel over whole screen, as panels for each monitor, separately. Report back if something is still wrong, please. Thank you very much.

  • Lonely Stranger

    Lonely Stranger - 2015-06-14
    • status: pending-fixed --> closed-fixed

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