#159 crash of lxmusic-0.4.0

lxmusic (17)

Forwarded from https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=539729:

I emptied out my playlist of more than 4000 entries after playing a file. Installed and active is also eq.py and the python bindings for xmms2. Crashes reproducably whenever I do so via marking the entries with Ctrl + A and then hitting DEL/clicking "remove marked titles". The playlist gets emptied. But the program crashes.

I just tested it a few times. This bug seems to only occur with a playlist > 1000 entries, and only when xmms2 is having a file buffered. Smaller playlists seem unaffected.

Backtrace attached


  • Christoph Wickert

    backtrace of lxmusic crash

  • Christoph Wickert

    Unfortunately both the reporter and me can still reproduce the bug. It happens when with a large playlist *and* when playing one of the songs. If playback is stopped, then clearing the playlist works.

  • Jürgen Hötzel

    Jürgen Hötzel - 2009-12-13

    Could not reproduce on Arch Linux (most likely due to different GLib Versions).

    The reason for this bug seems to be a invalid Tree Iterator I got rid of with this commit:


    Please try again and also post STDERR if problem still persists

  • Christoph Wickert

    Confirmed to be fixed. Thanks a lot!

  • Jürgen Hötzel

    Jürgen Hötzel - 2009-12-19

    fixed in 0.4.1 release

  • Jürgen Hötzel

    Jürgen Hötzel - 2009-12-19
    • status: open --> closed

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