Support for Mac OSX

  • skandi

    skandi - 2013-04-08


    I yesterday came across your project. It looked very promising to me.
    Since at home I only have access to a Mac, I tried to compile your sources there.

    After some (ugly) source code hacks, It compiled ok and run more or less.

    What is your preferred way to get patches. I see two points, where I would like to help you improving your software:
    - Bring it to mac with the same (or even better) user-experience as on linux
    - Improve the atmega -> lxarduscope data transfer and the atmega codebase, to improve the samplerate.

    If you're interested in my support, let me know.

    Thank you so far,

  • Matthias Kesenheimer

    I was also able to port lxardoscope for mac. The updates can be found here:

    There were a lot of buffer overflow errors, which I had to cure. Now the software works fine with no problems.


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