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new datagrid feature: print view and other news...

The datagrid tabular view cannot be print as a widget, so I've created a print view - a simple HTML table generated on-the-fly with the table data.
More, a new widget that that checks the connection with the server thru a XmlHttpRequest object...

Posted by Luca Mariano 2006-06-09

Desktop widget added

LWcomponents now features a desktop widget!
Open new windows, minimize-maximize them at the fly - the fastest js windows at the world!

Posted by Luca Mariano 2006-03-28

Datagrid sorting features, new widtgets...

I added the sorting feature to the datagrid widget, now it's a very usefull piece of GUI!
A basical menu widget (build over standard <select> element is coded) and a CSS tab panel implementation will be avaible too with the next release (soon avaible at )

Posted by Luca Mariano 2005-08-08