lush in a shell script

  • Josef

    Josef - 2008-06-28


    as described in para. 2.23 of the lush manual, I have stored the following code in "slideshow":

    #!/usr/local/bin/lush @@
    # I have no lsh/lushenv defined
    (libload "/usr/local/share/lush/lsh/libimage/image-io")
    (libload "/usr/local/share/lush/lsh/libimage/rgbaimage")
    (setq window (x11-window 1 1 640 480 "Slide Show"))
    (while t
    (each ((f (cdr argv)))
    0 0 (rgbaim-resize (image-read-rgba f) (xsize) (ysize) 0))
    (sleep 4)))

    When however trying to execute slideshow in a command window, I go the following error message:

    alberich@tux:~/Desktop/bilder> ./slideshow DSC08586.JPG DSC08590.JPG

    *** load : Unterminated multiline comment

    Apparently this error occurs already at start-up since replacing the script by:
    #!/usr/local/bin/lush @@

    yields the same error msg...
    My lush works fine in both, the inf-emacs mode (met-x lush) and the shell after starting lush manually by typing /usr/local/bin/lush

    Any ideas?

    • Yann LeCun

      Yann LeCun - 2008-06-28

      You seem to be looking at an old version of the manual
      The current version of the documentation (the
      one you get with "(helptool)") says:

      exec lush "$0" "$@"
      (libload "libimage/image-io")
      (libload "libimage/rgbaimage")
      (setq window (x11-window 1 1 640 480 "Slide Show"))
      (while t
      (each ((f (cdr argv)))
      0 0 (rgbaim-resize (image-read-rgba f) (xsize) (ysize) 0))
      (sleep 4)))

      This works.

      -- Yann

      • Josef

        Josef - 2008-06-28

        Hello Yann,

        thank you for the quick answer.
        Is there a pdf version of the new manual available?


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