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Lunareclipse 2.1.1

Fixes Bug 3336971. Nothing else.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2011-06-29

Announcing LunarEclipse 2.1.0

Starting with Version 2.1.0 code completion on function level within the same file is available.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2011-03-19

LunarEclipse 2.0.0

Finally the 2.0.0 Release. This Release updates LunarEclipse to DLTK 2.0 (well it actually requires DLTK 2.0) and is compatible with Eclipse 3.6 (Helios). I hope to add new features in near future.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2010-10-12

LunarEclipse 1.2.9 available in svn repository

I have committed a new version of Lunar Eclipse that works with DLTK 1.0.x. It solves the bug which prevents the Lua editor to be opened.

It requires Java 1.5, Eclipse 3.4 and DLTK 1.0.x which is available on Eclipse's DLTK home:

I believe 1.2.9 will be available shortly on the download page and on the update site, but in the mean time if you need it you can get it from the SVN and build it yourself.

Posted by Simon Chemouil 2008-11-26

LunarEclipse 1.2.7 is available

New year, new release. This will fix an annoying bug, wich prevented the editor from opening on double clicking on a .lua file.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2008-01-09

LunarEclipse 1.2.6 is available

Finally a new Release is available. I've only managed to fix som minor bugs. But starting with this release I will try to release more often on a regular base. So this one is just to announce I'm back.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2007-12-05

LunarEclipse 1.2.5 is available

This version fixes some minor bugs and works with Eclipse 3.3.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2007-07-03

LunarEclipse 1.2.4 is available

Just an maintenance release. Bug with the interpreter configuration is also solved.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2007-06-14

LunarEclipse 1.2.3 is available

This version should work with the current DLTK release. Update site will updated later this day.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2007-05-30

LunarEclipse 1.2.1 is available

With today LunarEclipse 1.2.1 is available for download, the update site will follow later this day. As mentioned earlier I switched to the DLTK Framework for the future development. So some features already available are missing, but some others has come. I hope you like it.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2007-05-15

Using DLTK

Long time has gone since the last release and I'd like you to inform, no the project is not dead, that I started using the Dynamic Language Tool Kit, a new Eclipse Project ( wich tries to provide a Framework for dynamic languages that will feature all the things you can find in the JDT. So I'm working heavily on the next releas on this Tool Kit, and hopefully it will be availaible in the mid of may.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2007-04-26

LunarEclipse 1.1.0 available

LunarEclipse 1.1.0 is available todday. Introducing launch targets for Lua, to run your scripts within LunarEclipse. Get it while it's hot.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2007-02-24

LunarEclipse 1.0.8 available

Starting now the version 1.0.8 og LunarEclipse is available for download and via the Update Site. The package available vir sourceforge also contains the full sourcecode. The SVN is also updated to the version 1.0.8.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2007-01-31

LunarEclipse 1.0.7 available

This is the first file release on

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2007-01-24

Project Webpage online

So I have uploaded the project webpage with some details to this project. There is also a link to an Update Site, where you can get the current version of the plugin set, until I have managed to provide a file release on the SourceForge project site.

Posted by Nicolai Mainiero 2007-01-24