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Lumina 0.3.1 released

Lumina is a flexible crossplatform development environment for GLSL shaders. The ECMA script based language is used for tools and rendering controll. It provides a maximum flexibility, that allows to build renderer prototypes for deferred shading, deepth peeling or HDR rendering. Other examples are vertex shader and instancing accelerated bezier objects, skinng or GPU based particle systems.

Tutorials are available at

Posted by oc2k1 2008-01-28

Lumina-0.2.0 is released

Hi to all,

There is a new Lumina version. The a new core feature is the Armature object, that could be used for calculation the CPU side stuff of matrix and quaternion based vertex shader bone systems.
A tutorial explain the new object:


Posted by oc2k1 2007-05-03

Lumina-0.1.5 released

Hi Everybody,

The Lumina-0.1.5 is out. Many features included in the last versions are stable now. So it's not a problem to run a full particle system on the GPU. Another example demonstrate how it's possible to draw text with a shader instead char for char.
The new Blenderexporter exports more informations than other formats. The data are converted into a vertex buffer object compatible format, including tangent, bone depends or softbody links to the neighbor vertexes. ... read more

Posted by oc2k1 2007-04-15

Lumina-0.1 released

The primary new freature is load and save projects. Also new is a better DDS texture loader, that supports volume and cubmap textures.
The scriptapi has some new functions to set array of uniform vars, that are needet for bonesystems.

Posted by oc2k1 2007-03-01

Website with first tutorial online

The new Luminawebsite is online. A first tutorial and some scriptapi documantation helps getting started with Lumina.

Posted by oc2k1 2007-02-07

First alpha

This project have no own web site jet (It's only a dummy with a link to the latest souce. I'll build it on the next weekend) but the two screenshots demonstrate what could do. The current state allow to test the most single pass GLSL shaders.

On my hompage I've post many screenshot of my old experimental QT3 based shadereditor, they give some impressions what Lumina could do in the next versions.... read more

Posted by oc2k1 2007-01-12