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That sounds so wrong...

I read about my last post and I recognized some wrong points: I'm not trying to use Ogre due to its replacement for DirectX but due to the independence from any system. I can choose to use OpenGL or DirectX and hopefully switch my choice later.

Posted by CShark 2013-02-21

DirectX and XNA aren't the future...

I've heard a while ago, that XNA was discontinued, so I paused the project to see whats happening. But now the DirectX Project also got abandonned, so that I have to look for something different beside OpenGL, which is no alternative to me. The MOgre wrapper for Ogre looks quite well, so I will take a closer look on it and, well, we will see whether Ogre is an usable engine.

Posted by CShark 2013-02-18

Sorry for inactivity

Sorry for the inactivity of the project the last weeks. But this may continues till the end of October because I have really much things to do for school and other business. So don't punch me, I'm still working on it ^^

Posted by CShark 2012-09-29

New Webpage

Currently setting up the new webserver, so little development delay is possible.

Posted by CShark 2012-09-15 Labels: Webpage

Heightmap Editor

Added some import and export functions. Now trying to improve resolution...

Posted by CShark 2012-08-28

Heightmap Editor

fixed crashes and added terrain deformation.
But it still has some bugs as you can see on the screenshot at the left side, the orange colored line is not smooth... in fact, the terrain is not elevated there.

Posted by CShark 2012-08-27

Heightmap Editor crashes randomly

The heightmap editor crashes randomly - don't know why. But let's test some performance stuff tomorrow.

Posted by CShark 2012-08-26

Heightmap Editor in Development

Currently, I'm writing a heightmap Editor to get familiar with input and screen management. But also performance is a very hard stuff to do. Everything is just slowing down, its really annoying to keep code really fast.

Posted by CShark 2012-08-26 Labels: Heightmap Editor

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