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Added Log4J NDC

Added a column for NDC and added it to the event detail view.

Posted by Robert Bushman 2003-12-09

Column Selection

Column Selection is in beta2 along with elapsed time.


Posted by Robert Bushman 2003-12-07

Elapsed Time

Coming in beta 1 (the next release, probably in a few hours); elapsed time between arbitrary events.


Posted by Robert Bushman 2003-12-07

2.0 Screenshot

There's a screenshot of 2.0 available here:

Posted by Robert Bushman 2003-12-05

Client Mills

The single most requested feature from my coworkers is a client mill that will allow us to connect to our servers. This has been implemented in alpha 7. It's compatible with Log4J's SocketHubAppender. JSR47 doesn't come with a server (AFAIK), so I'll be writing one (it's worth trying Log4J if you haven't, and don't mind the extra jar - it really is better).

Posted by Robert Bushman 2003-12-01