Missing Menus and general title

  • Andre John Mas

    Andre John Mas - 2004-06-02

    To keep with proper interface design, I would recommend adding the following menus:
       - File - would just include 'Quit'
       - Edit - have the regular  cut,copy,paste and clear items, even if they are greyed out for the moment.
       - Help - Add an about item in here

    Running on MS-Windows I noticed that the Lumbermill window (the main one) does not have a title. Setting it to 'Lumbermill' would be useful.

    • Robert Bushman

      Robert Bushman - 2004-07-02

      Hi Andre,

      Very good ideas.  Totally agreed on the title thing - it's the same for me on Linux, and all agreed it's annoying.  Also agreed on the drop downs - following the standards is very helpful to users.  It's about time for another Lumbermill binge (I tend to build it in spurts), and I will include your suggestions in the next version.



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