Release of Luma 1.2

After 2 months of development the Luma project team is pleased to announce Luma 1.2. Many important features and bugfixes have been made.
Thanks to the translation team Luma is available in 4 languages. Since the last release Norwegian has been added.
A new addressbook plugin has been created. It is compatible with most schemas and ldap setups, as it is not dependant on a specific object class. The addressbook detects which object classes are supported by the server and enables the allowed contact fields. Currently Luma works with person, organizationalPerson, inetOrgPerson and evolutionPerson classes.
Other changes include support for utf-8 encoded strings, added keyboard shortcuts and many improvements of the user interface.
For more changes see the changelog at .
To install Luma you need at least PyQt 3.10 and python-ldap 2.0.0pre13. The mx-datetime module is no longer needed.

Posted by Wido Depping 2004-02-11

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