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Read Me

AUTHOR: Wido Depping <>


If Luma is freshly checked out from cvs, run the 'make-run' script. It creates
a symlink from bin/luma to lib/luma/ Alternatively run 
lib/luma/ directly. Luma does not have to be installed in the system to run. 


Luma needs the following library version installed, in order to run:
    QT >= 3.2
    Python >= 2.3
    PyQt >= 3.10
    python-ldap >= 2.0.0
Additionally you need the smbpasswd module for python if you want to use nthash
and lmhash passwords. The module can be found at

To install Luma, just execute the install script ''. You must give a
path as prefix. Example:

    ./ --prefix=/usr/local

If you run the script without the prefix option, only some checks will be done.
This is useful, if you want to test if all needed software packages are
available on your system.

Thats all. Enjoy Luma! :)

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