64-bit profiling

  • Rick Nelson

    Rick Nelson - 2010-12-21

    I'm not having luck profiling a 64-bit app I'm working on. After I attach to it, I can see the modules being loaded / checked, but then it reports back instantly with 0 samples. Is there a trick I'm missing?

    I'm really hoping to get this working, as this is the only profiler I've found that looks like it is on the right track.

  • Sami Sallinen

    Sami Sallinen - 2010-12-22

    Here are some suggestions:

    * if you are using a version older than 0.9.8, this will happen
    * If your app is running as a service, that might happen, too, try running it using a normal user account
    * Try running luke stackwalker as a Administrator (right-click icon, then select "Run as Administrator")
    * if using 0.9.8 or 0.9.9 and profiling a 64-bit executable, luke_sw.exe should launch a command line profiler called cmdline-profiler.exe : you can check with task manager if this is the case while the debug info is being loaded. If not, then there is a bug somewhere (which is not all that surprising, of course)
    * If none of these help, let me know which OS & compiler you are using - also if you are willing to provide a sample program wiht debug info & source code that I can check, I am happy to do that.

  • Rick Nelson

    Rick Nelson - 2010-12-22

    I had 0.9.8 and just checked 0.9.9. I'm running under XP-64 as an administrator, giving it full privileges had no effect. The cmdline-profiler.exe is launched, the  modules load, and then it finishes immediately with this message:
    Sorting profile data.
    Could not get any samples from the process.
    Done; 0 samples collected at -1.$ samples/second.
    Sorting profile data.

    I can profile 32-bit apps without a problem, but this happens with any 64-bit app that is running (not specific to my code). The program was not run as a service.

    I cannot provide the source, and as I noted, it is not related to my code. I'll try on another machine, in case it is machine specific.

  • Sami Sallinen

    Sami Sallinen - 2010-12-23

    It could be OS dependent as I have only tested 64-bit profiling on a 64-bit windows 7 (Home) machine.
    I have also 64-bit Windows server, will try that today. I don't have access to 64-bit windows XP.

  • Sami Sallinen

    Sami Sallinen - 2010-12-23

    Just checked, I can attach to process & get meaningful samples from the windows 'explorer' process on Windows server 2008 64-bit. It's probably something to do with XP 64-bit compatibility.

  • Rick Nelson

    Rick Nelson - 2010-12-24

    I just checked on my windows 7 laptop, and it's working.  It looks to be machine specific, either the OS or the processor (AMD opteron) if that makes a difference. 


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