#1 mount only a subdirectory on a server


It would be nice to mount only a subdirectory on a server.

Instead of just mounting the root of the remote server.
Say pass a flag to mount such as mount blah blah blah
-o remotedir=/home/gid


  • Florin Malita

    Florin Malita - 2002-08-16

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    I had this one on my mind for some time, then forgot about it...
    Thanks for reminding me, it's in TODO.

  • dd of borg

    dd of borg - 2002-08-16

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    FTPFS supported this feature (mount.... rootdir=/home/dd)...

    are you started programming from scratch?

  • Timothee Besset

    Timothee Besset - 2002-08-30

    Logged In: YES

    actually I vote for this one too, as I have a server that
    does not let me access /, it only wants me in one of the
    subdirs .. so I can't mount right now

  • Florin Malita

    Florin Malita - 2002-08-30

    Logged In: YES

    yup, lufs is a "from scratch" implementation ;)
    yup again, I have already implemented this feature, just wait for
    the release...
    since there are many big changes it will probably take a couple
    more days to roll it out.

  • Steve Grecni

    Steve Grecni - 2002-08-30

    Logged In: YES

    Let me know if you want any pretesting done on this or
    anything else done, as it doesn't look like you're using
    cvs, so I can't just check it out myself. And I know what a
    pain in the butt it can be to test everything and check for
    regression and all that fun stuff. Although I'm going on
    vaca and won't be back until monday eve, so I won't have
    time until then.

    Keep up the great work, I'd really love to see this project

  • Timothee Besset

    Timothee Besset - 2002-08-31

    Logged In: YES

    Yeah it would be great if this could evolve in a more open
    way .. there's not even a user/devel mailing list!

  • Florin Malita

    Florin Malita - 2002-09-03

    Logged In: YES

    Ok, I created the CVS repository and 2 mailing lists (will be
    activated in about 6 hours).
    Everyone happy now? ;)

    Note that the build/install procedure has changed, please read
    docs/lufs.html for updates.

    Let me know how the CVS version works for you...

  • Florin Malita

    Florin Malita - 2002-09-10
    • status: open --> closed

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