FTP can mount but can't write

  • Ron Weidner

    Ron Weidner - 2004-02-03

    I've installed lufs-0.9.7.  I can mount an ftp site using the mount command.  Then I can read all files and directories, but I can't write.  Only the mount command connects.  this is the command I used...

    mount -t lufs none /mnt/astrodust/ -o nosuid,fs=ftpfs,host=somehost.com, username=me@somehost.com, password=shhh,own_fs, uid=localusername,ftpactive

    any help would be appreciated.


    • Christoph Kobe

      Christoph Kobe - 2004-02-15

      This is what works for me:

      mount -t lufs none ../www.kobelix.de/ -o fs=ftpfs,host=foobar.de,username=barfoo,password=***,fmask=644,dmask=755,own_fs

      the important options are fmask=644 and dmask=755 which give you read AND write permission on files and directories. By default you have fmask=444 and dmask=555 => no write permission.

      Don't put spaces between the `host=somehost.com, username=', do it like this: `hostname=bla,username=bla'.

    • Ron Weidner

      Ron Weidner - 2004-04-07

      Thankyou.. that helped.. the exact syntax I used was (except for user and pass of course)

      mount -t lufs none /mnt/ftp/ -o nosuid,fs=ftpfs,host=somehost.com,username=dude@somehost.com,password=shhhh,fmask=644,dmask=755,own_fs,uid=userdude,gid=groupfordude


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