ftpfs speed problem

  • Vladimir

    Vladimir - 2004-03-17

    I am mount remote ftp directory use command like
    lufsmount ftpfs://user:pwd@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ~/lufs
    With mount all ok, but i have a 150 kbps on 100 Mbit lan.
    When i connect to my ftp use "ftp" :) i have a 5 Mb/sec.
    Whats wrong?

    • Jarret Raim

      Jarret Raim - 2004-05-19

      I have the same problem with sshfs. When connected via sftp I get 4-5 MB/sec, with lufs I get less than 100K/sec. The lufs mount command is below:

      lufsmount sshfs://****@<some machine>.lehigh.edu/home/**** io/ -O --dmask=777 --fmask=666

      Anyone know of a way to speed this up?


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