2.5.x kernels supported yet?

  • jago pearce

    jago pearce - 2003-03-25

    When using 2.5.60: "

    Is this kernel space or to do with the new modutils that have to be installed for 2.5 kernels?

    Are there plans to support 2.5 in anticipation for 2.6 or are we waiting for 2.6 before work starts?

    (It seems I've already taken for granted lufs on 2.4. When I tested 2.5 the desktop performance was so much better I can't go back)

    TIA :)

    • jago pearce

      jago pearce - 2003-03-25

      I suppose I ought to give the output of what happens when trying to use lufs

      - on gentoo
      - with a 2.5.60 kernel

      >>> Completed installing into /var/tmp/portage/lufs-0.9.4/image/

      LOG FILE = "/tmp/sandbox-lufs-0.9.4-6387.log"

      open_wr:   /lib/modules/2.5.60/modules.dep

      ( ^ this is the contents of the sandbox log file)

    • Florin Malita

      Florin Malita - 2003-03-25

      What lufs version are you using? 0.9.5 should work with 2.5.65. For 2.5.60 you could try 0.9.4.

      I'm not really sure I understand your problem, could you please be more descriptive? (I assume you can't get lufs to work on 2.5.60).

      • jago pearce

        jago pearce - 2003-03-25

        ok, onw I know 2.5 kernels are supported I know it's worthwhile trying harder.

        Might be an idea to have this info on the website somewhere?


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