problem editing files thru sshfs

  • Pontus Ullgren

    Pontus Ullgren - 2002-12-01

    When editing files on in a directory mounted thru sshfs I get a error message (in both emacs and vi).

    Using vi (nvi) I get the following errors (simulare error messages in emacs)
    Error: test.txt: Invalid argument.

    And then when I exit I get
    File modified since last complete write; write or use ! to override.

    The changes are still done in the file despite these error mesages.

    • Pontus Ullgren

      Pontus Ullgren - 2002-12-01

      Client (where I do the mounting a lufs is installed)
      ssh 3.5p1
      kernel 2.4.19

      ssh 3.5p1
      kernel 2.4.18

    • Thomas Seifert

      Thomas Seifert - 2003-03-18

      did you get a resolution to this problem?

      Sounds nearly like my problem.

      Works great beside ONE problem:
      I'm using it with another editor but I have the problem that the last lines (or at least line) gets duplicated.

      Redhat8, distri-kernel-2.4.18, stock components, lufs-0.9.4.

    • Anonymous - 2003-07-11

      Im having the exact same problem.

      When I write to text files over sshfs The last few lines get duplicated. I have tried messing with configuration, changing the number of channels etc,  all to no avail.

      I would love to see this problem resolved since except for that lufs is great.


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