connecting to a windows ftp server.. pls help

  • Jacob

    Jacob - 2002-11-04

    When I try to connect to a windows ftp server lufs fails because it tries to get /etc/passwd and /etc/group but they dont exist.
    LUFS gives this back:
    "[3098](mount)could not load credentials!
    cannot mount on /mnt/mymount
    [3098](main)lufsmnt failed!"

    Is there a way to bypass this?


    • Florin Malita

      Florin Malita - 2002-11-05

      failure to load the username/uid/gid correspondence is not fatal (but the message seems to be confusing, I'll take it out). the fatal error here is occuring in lufsmnt (cannot mount on /mnt/mymount) and has to do with the mount point: it's not a dir, or it's not owned by the mounting user, or the mounting user doesn't have rwx perms on it.

      please check.

    • Jacob

      Jacob - 2002-11-06

      oh yep you were right the mount point was incorrect.

      Thanks for your help :)

    • karim

      karim - 2004-07-26

      hello, I have this problem too with lufs of the debian testing.
      I have builded and installed the module though.

      Lufs tries to get /etc/passwd on the windows ftp server and then is blocked and doesn't give the prompt back.
      The solution you give to jacob doesn't work in my case.


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