uid= and gid= do not work

  • Anonymous - 2003-02-17

    uid and gid parameters seems to have no effect.
    Ownership of the files is always set to uid 2, which is
    the user 'bin' on my Debian system.
    uid and gid parameters work well with other filesystems,
    such as vfat or ntfs.

    I ran following as root to mount a ftp server on the same machine:
    mount -t lufs none /ftp -o fs=ftpfs,host=pc,username=tester,password=password,uid=1001,gid=1001
    user and group with uid 1001 does exist.

    Thanks for help

    Oto Valek

    • Florin Malita

      Florin Malita - 2003-02-17

      uid and gid options only apply to the remotely owned files. if they don't appear to be owned remotely, the local owner will default to some neutral (uid=gid=2).

      if you want to force ownership on all remote files, use the own_fs flag:

      mount -t lufs none /ftp -o fs=ftpfs,host=pc,username=tester,password=password,uid=1001,gid=1001,own_fs

      that should do what you want.


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