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problem with 0.9.1 and mandrake 9 (2.4.19)?

  • Anonymous - 2003-01-24


    I have just installed 0.9.1 and then when I mount localfs I get the:
    ls: .: Stale NFS file handle

    From the debug info it looks like there is a problem with the socket created in /tmp - see log at the bottom.

    What is odd is when I switch off the debugging, things work fine.  Anybody any ideas?  I never had any trouble with 0.8.3.



    bash# mount -t lufs none /mnt/lufs -o fs=localfs,uid=501
    [4ad6](lu_opt_parse) domain not found, creating...
    [4ad6](lu_opt_parse) option: rw
    [4ad6](lu_opt_parse) flag
    [4ad6](lu_opt_parse) option: fs=localfs
    [4ad6](lu_opt_parse) option with parameter
    [4ad6](lu_opt_parse) option: uid=501
    [4ad6](lu_opt_parse) option with parameter
    [4ad6](lu_opt_loadcfg) loading config from /etc/lufsd.conf
    [4ad6](lu_opt_loadcfg) class: #FTPFS#
    [4ad6](lu_opt_loadcfg) key: #DataConnectionMode#
    [4ad6](lu_opt_loadcfg) val: #Passive#
    [4ad6](lu_opt_loadcfg) class not found, creating...
    [4ad6](lu_opt_loadcfg) class: #FTPFS#
    [4ad6](lu_opt_loadcfg) key: #RWTimeout#
    [4ad6](lu_opt_loadcfg) val: #10#
    [4ad6](find_domain) domain found
    [4ad6](lu_fsctl_create) creating fs_ctl
    [4ad6](lu_cache_create) creating dir cache...
    [4ad6](lu_opt_getchar) retrieving MOUNT::fs
    [4ad6](find_domain) domain found
    [4ad6](lu_opt_getchar) key found
    [4ad6](get_filesystem) trying to load
    [4ad6](get_filesystem) lib opened
    [4ad6](get_filesystem) file system loaded
    [4ad6](lu_opt_getchar) retrieving MOUNT::username
    [4ad6](find_domain) domain found
    [4ad6](lu_opt_getchar) key not found
    [4ad6](localfs_init) initializing
    [4ad6](localfs_mount) mounting
    [4ad6](load_credentials) loading remote credentials for
    [4ad6](localfs_read) read: 957
    [4ad6](localfs_read) read: 247
    [4ad6](localfs_read) read: 570
    [4ad6](lu_fsctl_mount) credentials loaded.
    [4ad6](tempsock) trying address /tmp/lufsd1804289383
    [4ad6](main) starting filesystem master at /tmp/lufsd1804289383
    [4ad7](lu_opt_getchar) retrieving MOUNT::quiet
    [4ad7](find_domain) domain found
    [4ad7](lu_opt_getchar) key not found
    [4ad8](main) executing lufsmnt /mnt/lufs rw,fs=localfs,uid=501,server_socket=/tmp/lufsd1804289383,server_pid=19159
    [4ad8](main) execvp of lufsmnt failed: No such file or directory
    [4ad8](main) you don't seem to have lufsmnt in your path. trying regular locations...
    [4ad8](main) trying /usr/local/bin/lufsmnt /mnt/lufs rw,fs=localfs,uid=501,server_socket=/tmp/lufsd1804289383,server_pid=19159
    [4ad7](lu_fsctl_run) accept failed: 22(Invalid argument)
    [4ad7](lu_fsctl_run) accept failed: 22(Invalid argument)
    [4ad6](main) mount succeded

    • Anonymous - 2003-06-01

      I have a similiar problem (using version 0.9.5)
      Running mandrake kernel 2.4.21
      Trying to connect using sshfs.

      I either get "Stale NFS file handle"
      or "Connection reset by peer"

      Although about 20% of the time a command manages to get through. Not usable, but perhaps useful information.

      Doesn't make a difference whether or not I compiled with debug flags or not.

      Same problem with the 0.8.3 version.

      I'll be glad to help track the issue down, if someone wants to give me a better idea of where to look.

      The only error message output was "(connect)failed to read version!"

    • Anonymous - 2003-06-02

      Same setup as macton (mdk 9.1 - kernel 2.4.21 - lufs 0.9.5) and I got the same problem when connecting to a ftp server (running on windows).

      Mounting works fine but there are no files. And "ls" causes a "Stale NFS file handle"

      kernel: (lu_execute) - error executing command


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