Mounting remote ftp directory problem

  • Anonymous - 2003-04-28

    I'm able to use lufsmount to mount the remote ftp site directory without error, but when I try to list the directory contents the cursor hangs like it can't find anything. Is there some redirection I need to do at the firewall perhaps for the mount to work with remote ftp's? An ftp directory on the LAN mounts and lists contents fine.

    Thanks for any comments.

    • Anonymous - 2003-05-09

      I'm having the same issue. LUFS debug messages show that the directory listing is being (atleast partially) gotten and parsed from the FTP Server...but a sniffer trace seems to show the FTP DATA connection dying half way through this transfer (of the directory listing...). Tried using multiple ftp servers, could replicate across all.

      SuSE 8.1 stock kernel (2.4.19).

      Any ideas?



    • Anonymous - 2003-05-10

      I'm getting "conntrack_ftp: partial 227" in the logs when trying to list the contents of the mounted remote ftp. No solution yet. Running SuSE 8.2 and stock kernel as well.

    • Florin Malita

      Florin Malita - 2003-05-27

      try the CVS version and let me know whether it helps.


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