Mihai Bazon - 2004-02-19

First of all, congrats for an absolutely cool package! :-D

Having this bizzare problem: 1) I couldn't compile lufs normally because of the GCC problems and, as I didn't want to upgrade GCC, I found a quicker solution: I disabled support for sshfs (I only need ftpfs for now) by using --with-ssh='foo path here'.  I'm mentioning this because it might be the source for my problem, but I'm not sure..

and 2) (the problem): I managed to use the automounter "the normal way", that is, I specified all the options and paths directly in /etc/auto.misc and I use "cd /misc/network_dir".  Now, the "cd /misc/network_dir" command never finishes, although the FTP site gets mounted correctly :-\

I can press CTRL-C and the shell restores control.  Then I give the same command again and this time it works.  I type "ls" and the command hangs.  Pressing CTRL-C again, then "cd /" (or some place else) then ls /misc/network_dir -- and now it works.

From what I can figure out so far it's either because my way of compiling lufs (sshfs can't normally be disabled, I had to specify a wrong path to ssh) or because my (not normally supported) kernel 2.6.2.  Things work just fine, except the fact that I can't run a command on the mounted filesystem, and the first mount command hangs (tried to do that manually with mount or lufs_mount; the filesystem is mounted correctly, but the command never finishes; needs CTRL-C).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

PS: is there some place where I can get news about the latest CVS developments?

PS2: I'm a Romanian too :-) so I wanted to congratulate you twice for this project :-D  Thanks!