I use sshfs and I love it for ease of use. But, it's not quite a replacement for NFS because I can't mount a directory for everyone on the system to use.

What I'd like to be able to do is map groups on the server to groups on the client machine. For instance, I share my media collection. Files are owned by wnight/users. When I mount this on my workstation the files are owner by wnight/daemon (group 2) which doesn't help anyone who isn't me.

Obviously, sshfs uses my permissions on the server (unlike NFS) so it's not a total replacement, but this would let other users use my mount points.

Also, is there a way to map remove all permissions for all groups/users that aren't in this map file. It would be cleaner to see just the permissions affect my user (or a group I'm in on the server) because all accesses go through my account and files owned by other accounts, on the server, can't be accessed by anyone via my share, regardless of the account they have on the my client machine.

Do you know what I'm getting at? Or is there a better way to do this?

Also, there's lufsmount syntax for filemasks (ORed to permissions). Is there a way to specify a mask to AND to the permissions, to turn off all "other user" access, for instance?