David McNab - 2003-12-08

Hi all LUFS people,

I've implemented a new LUFS filesystem called 'pythonfs'.

As the name implies, pythonfs allows you to implement filesystems in pure-python code.


Yep - python is slow compared to C, but when your physical storage medium is slow (eg something on the internet), the python overhead becomes pretty much a non-issue.

The good news is that Python as a development language lets you write stuff up to 10 times faster than in C, and about 2-4 times faster than in java. You can have a complete new python-based filesystem up and running in very short order.

The above link provides pythonfs in two forms:
1) a patch against a virgin lufs-0.9.7 source tree
2) a tarball of the 'pythonfs' subdirectory - stick it into your
   'filesystems' directory, and hack all the LUFS build scripts

Package includes a template.py, boilerplate for your own python 'Filesystem' class. Also, contains example.py - a python version of localfs.

There are generous docstrings in both of these python files, and ample notes in the README, which should spell things out clearly for you.

Have fun with it!


Kind regards