#53 lufs install paths


Not 100% sure if this is really a bug, I'll try to verify it
over the next days:

lufs 0.9.5 installs itself into subdirs of /usr/local instead
of the corresponding subdirs of /usr, which I suspect to
be the source of some problems since Red Hat 8.0 does
not look into these directories by default:

- If I log in through X and call lufsmount directly, I get
a "no such file or directory".

- If I do the same from the console (I have /usr/local/bin
in my path here), I get an error message about a
missing library. This library exists and resides
in /usr/local/lib; I suspect Linux looks for it in /usr/lib but
not in /usr/local/lib.

- I've noticed lufs is the only thing that resides in the
otherwise empty directory structure under /usr/local.

I am running Red Hat 8.0 with no exotic extras. lufs is
the first thing I installed after the OS.


  • Michael von Glasow

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    Performed a test today and the problem really is with the paths.

    I moved all files from /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib to /usr/bin and /usr/lib
    respectively and tried to lufsmount an FTP path again. This time it worked.

    Conclusion: Out of the box, RH8 definitely has a problem with the libraries
    residing in /usr/local/lib and not /usr/lib. Depending on the user preferences
    (again out of the box), the binaries in /usr/local/bin may also become a

  • Florin Malita

    Florin Malita - 2003-06-10

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    this is a configure time setting: you could run "./configure
    --prefix=/usr" and fix it.

    by default, autoconf/automake install apps in /usr/local/.
    is _is_ a RH problem that they don't care for the local

    try installing some other apps from source, you'll see they
    end up in /usr/local too.

    definitely not a thing to fix in lufs.

  • Florin Malita

    Florin Malita - 2003-06-10
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