Cleaner UI

  • Michael Daffin

    Michael Daffin - 2011-04-30


    I create a small patch that cleans up the ui a small amount (at least for me).
    It removes the frames from where I think the are unnecessary and moves the
    up/down arrows under the "Task" controls. Over all I think it gives it a
    cleaner look.

    Also, it fixes the bug in the modify > validate dialog not displaying all the
    contents without manually resizing.

    patch file at:

  • Loukas Avgeriou

    Loukas Avgeriou - 2011-04-30

    Thank you for that quite valuable work Michael !!

    I still haven't tried your patch, but I'm sure I will use it (all or part of
    it) at the next release.

    Just a couple of questions:
    What graphical environment are you using (kde, gnome etc) ?
    What's your screen resolution and fonts DPI ??

    Thank you again :)

  • Michael Daffin

    Michael Daffin - 2011-04-30

    I am using kde (4.6.2) on arch linux.
    Screen resolution is 3200x1080 :) (1920x1080 + 1280+1024 twinview)
    DPI is 96.

  • Loukas Avgeriou

    Loukas Avgeriou - 2011-05-02

    Please excuse my (small) delay but I just tried the changes you've made and
    there's only one think to say:
    "they're awesome !!"
    That is how the gui will look at the next release :)

    PS I used your "trick" for the validate dialog for some other dialogs too...

  • Michael Daffin

    Michael Daffin - 2011-05-05

    Glad you like them :)

    I might do some more work on it after my exams, though it would be easier if a
    public version control system is used if one isn't already (I would suggest
    git). Sourceforge has the resources to set one up and would be make
    contributing changes much easier.

    Thank you :)

  • Loukas Avgeriou

    Loukas Avgeriou - 2011-05-05

    Until now, there is no real need for version control since the number of the
    developers is the smallest it can get :)
    In addition, there hasn't been many that contributed code changes.
    I generally consider it good practice to not spend resources that are not

    Wish you good luck with your exams Michael.
    If you decide to work on LB after them, drop me a line first...

  • Michael Daffin

    Michael Daffin - 2011-05-06

    Well, it is something worth considering... I have found version control
    invaluable in all my projects and can't imagine not using it now (even for
    short lived projects) :)

    Have always considered using a proper version system as a great way to save on
    effort and resources rather then thinking it as a cost ^^

    Remembers the countless times a "git revert ..." has saved him hours of trying to find a simple screw up

    But anyway, its up to you... just offering my advise :) and hope to look at
    the code in more detail when I get time.


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