Destination is not mounted

  • Peter Gregory

    Peter Gregory - 2012-11-30

    I am using luckyBackup under Linux Mint 14 Mate.

    I have just done a clean install to upgrade from Linux Mint 13 to 14. luckyBackup has been running for many months without problem. My backup has two tasks, to backup my /home directory and a data partition that is mounted as /mnt/DataForPeter.

    Since the upgrade the /home task keeps showing the following error:

    Last execution time: not available
    status: WARNING
    Destination directory: /media/peter/Iomega HDD/backup Linux Mint 14 home/
    is not mounted.
    This task will be skipped

    even though I have selected the destination by browsing for it.

    Any suggestions please?

  • Loukas Avgeriou

    Loukas Avgeriou - 2012-11-30

    Hi Peter (or Gregory !!)

    Yes, this is a known issue:
    When a directory starts with /media or /mnt for safety reasons, luckybackup will check if the next level of the path is a mountpoint (eg /mnt/DataForPeter/) and will report an error if it isn't.

    Unfortunately, it will not check further levels of the path, so if the destination is mounted on /media/peter/Iomega HDD/ it will just check if /media/peter/ is a mountpoint !!

    The fix will be available at the very next release but until then there's not much to do as a workaround other than:
    a. Mount the destination on /media/Iomega HDD/ instead of /media/peter/Iomega HDD/
    b. Check the "by-pass WARNING" option task properties->Advanced->Also Execute
    But the later is not recommended due to safety checks by-pass.

  • fbachofner

    fbachofner - 2014-03-02

    Hi Loukas:

    Did this ever get fixed?

    I am using LB on LinuxMint 16 (Cinnamon) and have the same issue.

    luckyBackup 0.4.7 (using Qt4)

    Thanks for any insight.

    Last edit: fbachofner 2014-03-02
  • Loukas Avgeriou

    Loukas Avgeriou - 2014-03-02

    Hi :)
    Yes, but it's available only at the github repo at the moment:

    The next official release (which is coming shortly) that will include the fix will be 0.4.8

    There are 2 workarounds available at the moment for this bug:
    a. Create/copy a file inside the destination before the first run
    b. Mount this partition under /media/<1st-level>/ or /mnt/<1st-level>/


    PS I just realized that it's been quite a long time since the last LB official release !!

    • fbachofner

      fbachofner - 2014-04-02

      Thanks for your response Loukas.

      It's a shame you don't have a little more time to develop LuckyBackup. In my opinion, it is the best backup tool for Linux except for a couple minor issues and this one, which in my opinion is "major." [Casual users (trying to do the right thing by backing up to removable media with a well-organized directory structure) will have no idea on how to address it and in most cases will have come to a complete dead end.]

      Perhaps to give you additional incentive . . . Do you know that many reviewers consider your program as that with the most potential in the backup software category?

      See, for example:

      Good luck with your future development of LuckyBackup!

  • Loukas Avgeriou

    Loukas Avgeriou - 2014-04-02

    I really appreciate the kind words fbachofner :)

    I see what you mean (though the techradar review goes back to 2010 and v.044).

    Anyway, 0.4.8 (together with the fix of this thread's issue) has been released a couple of weeks ago and various distro's repos have already started to include it.

    • fbachofner

      fbachofner - 2014-05-29

      Hopefully LB 0.4.8 will be in the LinuxMint 17 repos!

      If not, is there a current ppa somewhere? [ The "PPA for luckyBackup Maintainers Team" seems far, FAR out of date. ]

      By the way, the reason I pointed to the TechRadar article is that it was one of the better written (and clearer) ones. There are many other articles which come to the similar conclusion that yours is amongst the very best backup softwares for Linux and could become "perfect" with some additional effort.

      Continued thanks and good luck!

      • fbachofner

        fbachofner - 2014-05-29

        PPA?! Hmmmm.

        I see you have a fairly good alternative in place: various .deb files are available at

        I'll try the one for ubuntu 13.10 if LB 0.4.8 is not already in the LinuxMint 17 repositories when 17 is released.

  • Loukas Avgeriou

    Loukas Avgeriou - 2014-05-29

    I see that you find solutions without any help :)
    Yes, you can use the packages from the app webpage, just remember to first uninstall luckybackup & luckybackup-data.
    likewise remember to uninstall package "luckybackup" if you want to revert to the installation from your distro's repo again.

    This is to avoid some apt error because the repo's package is actually split to 2

  • Gribouillis

    Gribouillis - 2014-08-29

    A simple solution to the OP's issue is a symbolic link. I had a directory


    and luckybackup said destination was not mounted. I solved it with

    $ sudo ln -s ./myusername/LaCie /media/LaCie

    and setting /media/LaCie/destination as the dst directory.

    All this in kubuntu 14.04.

  • Loukas Avgeriou

    Loukas Avgeriou - 2014-08-30

    great workaround, that is :)
    thank you for the feedback Gribouillis

    • Gribouillis

      Gribouillis - 2014-08-30

      Thanks Loukas, great software !


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