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Rewrite Underway

In september I got accepted to and began my graduate studies as Drexel University. As such it has sucked up ALL of my remaining time. Also I've been putting more thought into the original concept for Lucien and have realized that the app has started to veer from its original course. As such I will be posting shortly the latest code and that will end that branch of development.

Lucien will be undergoing a complete rewrite, to be written in C++ and using the GTK 2.0 (and Gnome) libraries. It's my hope to have something posted within the next 6 months but again that's dependant upon my studies.... read more

Posted by Jason Barto 2003-11-04


Ok, here it is to be tested before its final release. This latest version is kinda exciting. It includes the ability to read ID3 tags and provides a search capability. This is really starting to mature into the tool I always wanted, and hopefully what everyone is expecting. I've been trying to work out any bugs I come across as I see 'em but I'm blind in one eye so help me out. If you can get the thing to crash let me know, if the thing won't work like you expect it to, let me know, if there's a feature you HAVE to have, let me know. Oh, I don't know about you but I got tired of selecting one file and then reaching up and clicking the add button. So now you can select multiple files and click 'Add' or you can double click on a file and it will be added. ... read more

Posted by Jason Barto 2003-07-19


My apologies to all but due to an account of Anjuta can't make Makefiles for shit Lucien's latest beta release will not be posted tonight. Instead I am going to take the weekend and rewrite the Makefiles (by hand; fscking Anjuta) so that a simple ./configure; make; make install will actually work.

On my development machine its compiling and running just fine but on my desktop I can't get the thing to build for the life of me. So I'll have to play with it and see what I can do.... read more

Posted by Jason Barto 2003-07-18

Deathmarch update

It has been a week of development since the last release. In that week I have included an addition to the preferences that allows the user to tell Lucien to search directories recursively for audio files. (This will save users from having to list multiple subdirectories).

Also work has begun on listing ID3 information. Right now I'm having a hell of a time getting Anjuta to understand that the ID3 routines are a separate module and that they need to be compiled differently. But so far I'd say we're on schedule.... read more

Posted by Jason Barto 2003-07-08

Lucien v0.2 to be release by end of July

Here's the goal:
to release the next version of Lucien in 4 weeks with the following capabilities:
* Ability to search through MP3 and OGG listings and display search results in new notebook page
* Use ID3 data in file listing instead of filenames
* Actually use mp3 player other than XMMS (as preferences would suggest)

If anyone else has suggestions speak now or forever hold your peace. (or at least hold it for another 4 weeks).

Posted by Jason Barto 2003-06-30

See I told you so.

The Lucien-0.1a source file is an alpha release. A very, very alpha release. It has a long way to go. Two big advancements to keep an eye out for in the next 4 weeks will be using ID3 tags to display more information about each mp3 file as well as a search capability.


Posted by Jason Barto 2003-06-30

Alpha to be release this week. Seriously.

Really I'm not kidding. The v0.1a will be released probably on Friday. Functionality will be minimal as the code has recently (yet again) undergone a code rewrite. Thanks to Anjuta for helping me to finally manage this project. Anyway more to come... it works but its not all it can be yet.

Posted by Jason Barto 2003-06-25

Alpha to be posted by the end of April

Well the subject pretty much says it all. I have to finalize a couple of things with the preferences interface and then the alpha will be released. Right now only the most basic of functionality is provided. I'm also unsure of how I want to handle file-type or mime handling. Easy way would be to use Gnome's mime libraries... but I'm not sure I want to tie it that closely with gnome. So I'm looking for suggestions on this one. Be talkin to you again soon.... read more

Posted by Jason Barto 2003-03-24


After two months of additional development I have decided to bite the bullet and rewrite the entire app in C++. The OO advantages for handling gui interfaces are too great to ignore and I have ditched C as the original programming language. Also due to a recent proof of interest in software such as this (as well as a probable loss of my job due to a closing office) I will probably have more time on my hands than I know what to do with shortly. So development should begin snowballing.... read more

Posted by Jason Barto 2002-11-01

Development remains steady.

As of August 14, 2002 I have completed the interface to the database as well as made use of the ID3 tag library. The interface will soon be finished and pics will be posted to recieve comments (if anyone is watching). Also, if anyone IS watching, so far the app will be using MySQL for a database... anyone have any problems with that?, would rather have it use a flat file...etc. just figured an honest to goodness real database would speed up searches when we start getting 10000 files in a list.
Till next time.

Posted by Jason Barto 2002-08-14

Lucien Created!!

July 3rd, 2002 ... Lucien MP3 Manager project space is created on Sourceforge. Already the GUI is in the works and upon its completion work can proceed on the rest of the code. I'll probably post up screenshots of the gui to get reviews.

Also any ideas or feature requests would be greatly appreciated.

Your friendly neighborhood developer,

Posted by Jason Barto 2002-07-03

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