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    Hi! I want to use LuaEdit to debug my embedded lua scripts in my cpp/ogl app on windows.
    Do I have to link my app against lua dlls, or can I debug with my statically compiled lua I have embedded in my app, in source form(not in a dll/lib)? I passed the StartLuaEditRemoteDebugger the context of a recently newed lua_state, and the call threw a Runtime Error!


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    Recently we tried to get a proof of concept (using a game engine) using LuaEdit and ended with the same problem you have. The system was designed so that you should be able to but here's why you can't: The lua library that LuaEdit uses has been modified slightly in such way that it makes it impossible for anyone to only statically link with LuaEdit's debugger lib. the changes modified the size of the LuaState struct. What you would actually need to do in order to work around this is to actually compile and link against LuaEdit's lua library and then link against the debugger static lib.

    We are working on a solution to work around this issue.

    For those interested to know, the change in the LuaState struct (though very minor) has been made to allow for the "Set Next Statement" feature of the debugger.

    I hope this helps and do not hesitate if you got anymore questions!

    Best regards,


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    I got the same error. I tried to follow your advice and linked against your lua library. also i tried just to correct my LuaState to make it the same as yours.The result  is always the same - runtime error (vsprintf : "Buffer too small")


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