#6 Knoppix-like-installation?


It's ok to dream, right? I'd like to be able to walk into a
room with a handful of KeyboardVideoMouse (KVMs,
you know those new wireless ones? They're nice!) with
the assorted required hardware to set up a roomful of
thin clients. (I've got a dozen old monitors and
keyboards that noone knows what to do with!)

I'd like to be able to pop the LTSP/Knoppix CD into the
old 486 that's been gathering dust behind the school
principal's desk and install all the software that I'd need
to run a full blown LTSP environment from one CD
installation. (After I prove it can work, then I'll work on
getting a better machine or better yet...read on, for a
better idea!)

Dream on! You say?

Okay. I'd like to be able to hook up new machines into
the network to create a rendering-farm setup, maybe
using OpenMosix (Mosix), using the same CD.

That's what I'm facing. Literally dozens of PCs that
schools, principals, teachers leave sitting in the dark
because they can't install XP. That's just in the two
schools that I've visited in the last week.

Set us free from the tyranny of ignorance and fear that
has siezed the linux fearing hoards! Make it easy for
Ms. Polly to install LTSP!

I'd buy it.


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