The Linux Test Project JANUARY 2009 Release Announcement

Dear All,

The Linux Test Project test suite has been released for the month of
JANUARY 2009. Please see ltp/INSTALL file carefully, as, there has been multiple changes for building/installing the test suite.

The latest version of the test-suite contains 3000+ tests for the Linux OS and can be found at:,
Latest happenings in LTP can also be found at:,, and,
IRC: #ltp.

JANUARY 2009 Highlights:
* Addition of socket02, socket03, signalfd4_01, signalfd4_02, eventfd2_01, eventfd2_02, timerfd02, timerfd03, epoll_create2_01, dup3_01, pipe2_01, pipe2_02, inotify_init1_01, inotify_init1_02 & socketpair02 system call tests,
* Addition of Numerous IPC & MQ Namespace tests & diotest07,
* Addition of Block Device Drivers tests,
* GCOV Patches for 2.6.28,
* Fixes for numerous other tests,

JANUARY 2009 LTP Contributors:
* Veerendra Chandrappa,
* Németh Márton,
* Masatake YAMATO,
* CAI Qian,
* Kamalesh Babulal,
* Dmitry Guryanov,
* Ramon de Carvalho Valle,
* Edjunior B. Machado,
* Vinay Sridhar,
* Peter Oberlarlieter,
* Mike Frysinger,
* Jiri Palecek,
* Seiichi Ikarashi,
* Michael Knigge,
* Matt Helsley,
* Sonic Zhang,
* Subrata Modak,

Note(s) from the Maintainer:
2009 started with a good note with lots of new test cases being added this month. We will continue this trend and will discuss more on LTP & OLS 2009 in the coming days.

Our web site also contains other information such as:
- A Linux test tools matrix
- Technical papers
- How To's on Linux testing
- Code coverage analysis tool.

We would encourage the community to post results to,
patches, new tests, bugs or comments/questions to,
(for New Bug(s)),
(for New Patch(s)),
(for New Feature Request(s))

Happy testing,

Posted by Subrata Modak 2009-02-02

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