The Linux Test Project DECEMBER 2008 Release Announcement

Dear All,

The Linux Test Project test suite has been released for the month of
DECEMBER 2008. The latest version of the test-suite contains 3000+
tests for the Linux OS and can be found at,
Latest happenings in LTP can also be found at:,, and,
IRC: #ltp.

DECEMBER 2008 Highlights:
* Addition of Numerous PIDNS tests,
* Addition of CPU Controller Latency tests,
* Addition of Video for Linux Two (V4L2) API device
driver tests
* Addition of options for block devices to runltp,
* New ioctl03 & inotify03 tests,
* AUTOCONF for some more tests,
* Pounder21 updates,
* Integration of ltp network, network stress, adp, autofs, exportfs, ro only fs, isofs, dmmapper, fslvm, fsnolvm, scsi_debug, sysfs, tirpc, & SELinux tests to runalltests,
* Fixes for numerous other tests,

DECEMBER 2008 LTP Contributors:
* Jiří Paleček,
* Dmitry Guryanov,
* Mike Frysinger,
* Masatake YAMATO,
* Roy Lee,
* Sripathi Kodi,
* Darren Hart,
* CAI Qian,
* Le Rouzic,
* Ramon de Carvalho Valle,
* Seiichi Ikarashi,
* Nobuhiro,
* Andrew Vagin,
* Brandon Philips,
* Nadia Derbey,
* Sukadev Bhattiprolu,
* Mitsuru Chinen,
* Veerendra Chandrappa,
* Rusty Russell,
* Gilles Carry,
* Sudhir Kumar,
* Gowrishankar M,
* Zhang Xiliang,
* Naresh Kamboju,
* Sharyathi Nagesh,
* Pradeep K Surisetty,
* Vinay Sridhar,
* Serge E. Hallyn,
* Németh Márton,
* Manas Kumar Nayak,

Note(s) from the Maintainer:
Finally we completed 2008. See the no. of contributors we have now compared to last year. That speaks the volume of work you have been doing so far. And i am hoping that a much vigour work towards this project will be kept in 2009 as well.

Our web site also contains other information such as:
- A Linux test tools matrix
- Technical papers
- How To's on Linux testing
- Code coverage analysis tool.

We would encourage the community to post results to,
patches, new tests, bugs or comments/questions to,
(for New Bug(s)),
(for New Patch(s)),
(for New Feature Request(s))

Happy testing & Happy New Year 2009,

Posted by Subrata Modak 2008-12-31

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