Linux Test Project: CAPP/LSPP EAL4+ certification test suite

The Linux Test Project is a group aimed at testing and improving Linux. The goal of the LTP is to deliver a suite of automated testing tools for Linux as well as publishing the results of tests we run. LTP invites community to contribute in new horizons

SGI Common Criteria CAPP/LSPP EAL4+ certification test suite -- Changes to the rhel5_ibm_eal4_cert_suite2 test suite made for the CC evaluation of RHEL5.1 on SGI hardware.

New features are:

- add support for the IA64 (Itanium2) platform, including testing of new
calls (clone2) and conditionally disabling inapplicable system calls for

- add additional sanity checks to the "make verifydeps" step to catch
configuration errors in LSPP mode before running the tests

- add DAC manual test (tests/manual/dac.test file) suitable for running in
tmpfs and other non-ext3 filesystems for additional coverage

The following enhancements were made to the test suite:

- show clearer usage message for the script, make IPv6
assignment more flexible

- when waiting for audit records to be written to disk, always wait for
kernel to indicate that it has cleared the backlog. This helps ensure
reliable results on slow machines or ones with inconsistent clocks (such
testing in VMWare). (Optionally, try removing the "sleep 1" in function
ltp-full/lib/audit_utils.c:pause_for_auditd() and
faster test execution.)

- remove unnecessary sleep()s in the Python RPC framework to speed up test

- more informative debugging output in the Python RPC framework, including
enabling coredumps in case of segmentation faults in test cases

The following bugs were fixed:

- ensure correct permissions for new audit log file in

- increase static string buffers in the ltp-full/lib/audit_parse_verify.c
routines to avoid overflows and corresponding segmentation faults (this
not a security issue since root rights are already needed to execute the

- in ltp-full/lib/tst_res.c, increase maximum supported user message size
avoid truncation of output

- in ltp-full/lib/tst_sig.c, ignore SIGWINCH signal to avoid test failure
the window containing the shell running the tests is resized

Posted by Subrata Modak 2008-04-21

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