The Linux Test Project JUNE 2007 Release Announcement

Dear All,

The Linux Test Project test suite <> has been released for the month of June 2007. The latest version of the testsuite contains 3000+ tests for the Linux OS and can be found at Our web site also contains other information such as:
- A Linux test tools matrix
- Technical papers
- How To's on Linux testing
- Code coverage analysis tool.

Release Highlights:
* Updation of OPEN_HPI_TESTSUITE from version 0.5.0 to 2.9.2
* Addition of 'writev06' testcase by <> to check for "fault in pages readable" functionality
* Addition of 'SYSVIPC (containers)' testcases by <>
* KDUMP and UTSNAMESPACE testcases(s) getting more matured with more community contribution
* Updation of 'fsx-linux' testcase to include new feature(s) including "Distributed filesystem coherency" by 'Andreas Dilger'
* Patches to support arm eabi-compliant gcc for g-cov kernel
* Many more patches to fix Bugs/anomalies in various test cases

Note(s) from the Maintainer:
* We have seen that the LTP mailing lists has become active for the last couple of months. Thanks to all who has made this happen. We as an integrated team can work hard to make this Project a resounding success. Following are the different milestones/activities that we aim to perform/achieve in the coming months:
1) Investigation into LTP Log(s) Library to make this more meaningful and parsible. Kindly provide your inputs for the output that LTP generates now and whether/how you would like it to be in future
2) Investigate all the existing test cases and find out whether they are relevant to today's testing of higher Kernel versions. If not how do we mold it to test the present day scenarios/functionalities/regressions ??
And when you investigate them you can look into the following points as well:


Investigate & understand what the testcase is supposed to do, and increase documentation content/comments on the same testcase,

Make the test case completely full proof to error/exception handling,

See whether more Log library calls(existing) need to be made to communicate more info to the Log Library for reporting errors/exceptions etc,

Is there any need to change the code to improve the stress testing the testcase is doing ?? or do we need to add a new testcase for doing a separate stress, but, for the same functionality ??

3) LTP today does not cover more than 60% of the Kernel Code coverage. We need to write more test cases for all those functionalities which are not tested by LTP today. I promise your new test case will see the light of next release without fail,
4) LTP wiki will be active in coming days, where we will post all those activities going on inside LTP,
More community contribution from all of you will decide whether all of these above milestones are truly and successfully completed. Kindly Pour in your suggestions on all those that you want to see in LTP.

New Testcases to be Added to next releases:
Following are the new testcases that we intend(tentative) to add in the next release(s) of LTP:
1) Real Time Linux Testcases
2) CPU Sets Testcases

We encourage the community to post results to, and patches, new tests, bugs or comments/questions to, (for New Bug(s)), (for New Patch(s)), (for New Feature Request(s))

Please also see the ChangeLog Below (June 2007):
1)Log Message: "" points out the wrong usage of the option -s
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/kernel/mem/mtest06/mmap1.c

2)Log Message: "" pointed out that id (returned by shmget) has to be used for all shm operations
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/kernel/mem/mtest06/shmat1.c

3)Log Message: "" fixed the way "inotify" should compile in kernels below 2.6.13
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/kernel/syscalls/inotify/inotify01.c

4)Log Message: Removing 'alarm04' testcase call, as alarm04 has been removed to be no-more-valid
File(s) Affected: ltp/runtest/ltplite

5)Log Message: "" rectified kdump lkdtm tests for powerpc architecture with RedHat distribution
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/kdump/rhtools/lkdtm_mod/lkdtm.c

6)Log Message: "" fixed some Thread Handling Anomaly
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/open_posix_testsuite/conformance/interfaces/mq_timedsend/12-1.c

7)Log Message: "" fixed ways by which OPEN POSIX displays warnings
File(s) Affected: open_posix_testsuite/conformance/interfaces/sem_unlink/2-2.c

8)Log Message: "" corrected the way by which pthread_exit() handles pointer argument
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/kernel/io/disktest/threading.h

9)Log Message: "" fixed the problem reported at bug [1732287] mtest06/mmap1.c missing run_once check in do loop
File(s) Affected: ltp/runtest/ltplite

10)Log Message: gcov-kernel: add patches to support arm eabi-compliant gcc
File(s) Affected: /ltp/utils/analysis/gcov-kernel/linux-2.6.18-gcov-arm-eabi.patch

11)Log Message: "" added this test case to check for "fault in pages readable" functionality
File(s) Affected: ltp/runtest/stress.part3
File(s) Added: ltp/testcases/kernel/syscalls/writev/writev06.c

12)Log Message: "" added sysvipc (conatainers) namespace testcases
File(s) Added: ltp/testcases/kernel/containers/sysvipc/Makefile
File(s) Affected: ltp/README ltp/testcases/kernel/containers/Makefile

13)Log Message: Randy Dunlap writes: Convert kernel/sched/pthreads/*.c to use the standard message output functions instead of printf().
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/kernel/sched/pthreads/pth_str01.c

14)Log Message: "" did "mmstress" cleanups to make output unbuffered so that it is not produced repetitively and erroneously
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/kernel/mem/mtest05/mmstress.c

15)Log Message: "" wants to solve segfault problem with "mount03" on SLES10
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/kernel/syscalls/mount/Makefile

16)Log Message: as Ricardo Salveti de Araujo points out, dont set CC so it can easily be overridden
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/kernel/containers/utsname/Makefile

17)Log Message: "Andreas Dilger" updated "fsx-linux" testcase to include new feature(s) including distributed filesystem coherency
Log Message: Copyright Statements once added cannot be deleted, however, many Copyright Statements can co-exist
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/kernel/fs/fsx-linux/fsx-linux.c

18)Log Message: Fix from "" to use standard test results output
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/kernel/mem/mem/mem01.c

19)Log Mesage: "" fixes conatiner testing with 'unshare' support for lower kernel versions
File(s) Affected: ltp/testcases/kernel/containers/Makefile

20)Log Message: Fix for Bug no "1736357",tar file is not multiplatform, pointed out by "Neil Brewitt"
File(s) Added: ltp/testcases/network/nfsv4/locks/deploy_info
File(s) Deleted: ltp/testcases/network/nfsv4/locks/DEPLOY

21)Log Message: "" fixes conatiner testing with 'unshare' support for lower kernel versions
File(s) Added: ltp/testcases/kernel/containers/check_for_unshare.c

22)Log Message: Update to OpenHPI 2.9.2
File(s) Addedd/Modified/Deleted: ltp/testcases/open_hpi_testsuite/

Happy testing,
Regards & Thanks--
Subrata Modak ;-)

Posted by Subrata Modak 2007-07-02

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